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– Istanbul tours.

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Istanbul Icons Tour.

Today we will pick you up from your Hotel to join a small friendly Boutique tour with a naximum of 14 perople.
Topkapi Palace Museum: This Museum was once the extensive residence of the Ottoman Sultans, It has several interesting and unique exhibition halls, including the porcelain section, the armory section and  the Holy rooms devoted to the Holy Relics and the Treasury. These rooms  house an impressive display of the Royal Jewels. Topaki Palace also has an Harem section which is included in your tour !
Underground Cistern: This impressive Cistern is a mysterious subterranean architechural Surprise that was once lost to memory. It was Built by Justinian after 532. The Basilica Cistern stored water for the Great Palace and nearby buildings It was rediscovered by Petrus Gyllius, who came to Constantinople in search of Byzantine monuments. Gyllius noticed that the local people were lowering buckets through holes in the floors of their homes to retrieve water, he then discovered an entrance and thus put  this mesmerizing Cistern  back on the map.
Sultanahmet Mosque/Blue Mosque: Built between 1609 and 1616 by the Ottoman Sultan Ahmet I, The mosque stands prominently in the old district of Sultanhamet and is distinquised by its 6 tall and slender Minarets, The mosat central dome is 43 m in height and 33,4 in diameter.The mosque has 260 stained glass windows and the interior is intricately decorated with Blue, Green and Red tiles which were produced and painted by hand in Iznik (ancient Nicaea), and are an attraction by themselves,  it is due to these tiles that the Mosque is now better known as the Blue Mosque. The Quranic inscriptions that you will see throughout the mosque were made by Seyyid Kasım Gubari, one of the most famous calligraphers of his time.
Roman Hippodrome and Monuments: The ancient Hippodrome played a huge part in the social life of the Byzantines and was the scene of very fierce and competive Chariot Races. It was located in the square in front of the Blue Mosque, the site still has relics from the glory days including the Obelisk of Theosius and the Bronze Serpentine Column of Constantine. On the southwest of the the three monuments remians of the curved end of the Hippodrome wall can still be seen.
Hagia Sophia Museum: The Hagia Sophia Museum started off as a Byzantine Constantinople Church, This Church was commissioned by Emperor Justinian I (527-565) and materials were bought in from all over the empire to construct this massive Church that would be the most important church of the Christian East. Hagia Sophia was the first of its design and boasted the largest dome to have been constructed at that time.Hagia Sophia was converted to a Mosque in 1453 when Constansinople fell to the Ottomans.
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the modern Turkish Republic’s most revered founding father and its first Prime Minister, initiated the process to have the Hagia Sophia transformed into a museum which opened for visitors in February 1935.



03. Day

Unique Istanbul tour

Pick up from your Hotel to join the small friendly Unique Istanbul Boutique tour
Bosphorus Cruise: Crusing along the Bosphorus, the historic waterway that connects the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, here you will enjoy a prime view of the exquisite Places, Pavillions and Ottoman houses including Rumeli Fortress seen from the Sea which is the largest fortification for the protection of Istanbul, it was built in 1451 by Sultan Mehmet II
Cable Car to Pierre Loti: Enjoy a panoramic view of Istanbul from the Cable car or the Cafe at the top of the Hill named after the Famous french writer and naval officer Louis Marie Julian Viad a.k.a Pierre Loti (1850-1923)
Rustem Pasha Mosque: This suprisingly small Mosque is majesticly grand designed by a famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan, it was built for the Grand Vizier Rustem Pasha who had married Princess Mihrimah, one of the daughters of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent.
City Walls and Golden Horn by vehicle: Driving along the shores of the Marmara Sea  you will follow a major portion of the city’s Byzantine walls and will continue to follow them when we turn inland from the sea.

Saint Savior in Chora Church Museum: This wonderous church will delight you with the many colourful Mosiacs and frescos, it was built in the 16th century just within the Theodosian Walls of Constantinople, as the city was known throughout the Byzantine era. It was converted to a Mosque during  the ottoman rule and subsequently became a Musuem in 1948

Suleymaniye Mosque: This elegant ottoman imperial mosque is located on the Third Hill of istanbul, it was commissioned by Suleiman the Magnificent and designed by Minar Sinan between 1550 and 1558, it is the second largest Mosque in Istanbul distinquised by its four slender minerets.


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